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The Uninspiring Mets Drop Back Under .500

Mike SteffanosTuesday, April 21, 2009
By Mike Steffanos

Game 13: Cardinals 6 - Mets 4

Several things have contributed to the light posting by me the last couple of weeks. One is ongoing personal health issues, another is related to my Mom's health problems, and I've also been extremely busy at work. The work backlog is slowly clearing up, so I hope to be posting more frequently by the end of this week or early next week. The other two situations will be ongoing and somewhat unpredictable.

Things have been so nuts that this was the first time since opening week that I had the chance to sit down and watch a game from beginning to end live. It was nice for a few innings, but when it ended I was thinking about some of the other things I could have done with my time tonight.

All kidding aside, the Mets have been playing the sort of baseball that got Willie Randolph fired last year. Jerry Manuel managed to build up some good will with the fans and the media with his personality and sense of humor, but I suspect another couple of weeks like this and much of that will be gone.

Oliver Perez' extended spring training continues. It's almost mind-boggling how fast he can lose it, and how quickly he can give back a lead that took half a game to build.

You wonder when the club will get the wakeup call for 2009. They're stumbling around in a manner very reminiscent of the first 2 1/2 months of last year, and they look like a club that is prepared to sleepwalk around the .500 mark for the foreseeable future.

I'm just disgusted. No, that's not even the word for it. They fixed the biggest problems of this team over the winter, but somehow they regressed mentally to that inability to sustain good play. It's like a kid who was potty trained months ago going back to wearing diapers. Maybe we should replace Mr. Met with Baby Huey as the mascot.

I'll be back with more tomorrow.

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Comments (5)

mike, i had the same thoughts watching last nite's game..this is exactly how they looked last year in april under willie..mental errors, no hitting with runners in scoring pitching, except for santana, lousy starting pitching.manuel is even starting to sound as clueless as willie in the postgame interviews.wow, unbelievable!!2 other items, perez was a big part of last years problem of the starters blowing 3 and 4 run leads and should never have been brought back.he is demoralizing to watch on tv as a fan and he has to have the same effect on his teammates every time he blows a lead after 4 innings.if there was no one else to sign , they should have offered him one year.as i have stated in previous posts 36 mill for 3 was insane.they were bidding against themselves.that brings me to leftfield.murphy in left is a disaster.he reminds me of the illfated randy hundley experiment.he simply is not an outfielder.he doesn't have the instincts to play the outfield and the mets have to end this disaster of an experiment.he is a spray hitter in the mode of a dave magadan.unless he had 40 homer and 100 rbi potential, his lack of defense cannot be tolerated anymore on an everyday basis.the mets had an extended spring training this year due to the wbc.it's hard to believe, nobody picked up on his defensive shortcomings in the spring.

Even I have to admit Murph is looking a little lost in left, I still believe in him but maybe part time in left. Leave Church alone and let him play full time. Starting pitching (minus Johan)is just floundering. I will not elaborate on Perez, but these guys better pick it up. Or by Mid-May they may already be 10 games behind. Go Mets 2009!

They should have got Manny and all this would have been history... Great pen and best starter in the game still only gets you 1 out of 5 wins. Where is the change in the lineup ? The last week of last year it was about not scoring... They are desperate still for a new guy who can be a vocal leader... God bless Santana who is a star. He tries but he is only on the field once a week. I know its early but everyone knows that every game is important especially if florida is gonna stick around... I also would like to see Beltran hit 3 and Wright 5.... but that is kinda picky :) GO METS....

Mike - My prayers for your health and your mom's as well. Watching your favorite baseball team is supposed to be an escape from our mundane, humdrum lives. Mets fans have been treated (?) to a mundane, humdrum team out of the gate.

A little perspective, though. Today, 19 of the 30 teams in baseball are between 3 games over and 3 games under a .500 record. The Fish have cooled off, as we knew they would, and neither the Braves nor the Phillies are in any better shape than we are.

It's not time to fire Manuel, to pull Ollie, or to call up all the kids from Buffalo. Our team's been quite underwhelming, but before Wednesday's loss, they hadn't been beaten by more than two runs all year. To paraphrase Homer Simpson in the midst of some forgotten (by me) calamity, let's see where this is going before we panic.

By the way, that 12-year girl from Bayonne who pitched a perfect game against a bunch of BOYS is throwing out the first pitch this Saturday. Think we can keep her warm in the bullpen for the sixth and seventh innings?

Your having health issues and have to watch this? Get well soon.

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