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Game 6: Evoking Memories of 2009

Mike SteffanosMonday, April 12, 2010
By Mike Steffanos

Nationals 5 - Mets 2

I'm not trying to do a ton of game analysis this season. I try to get something with some thoughts on each game, but my work schedule doesn't allow me to post after games in a timely fashion. I keep it brief and to the point, and hope to write more commentary type pieces.

Yesterday's game against the Nats doesn't even warrant a short game analysis. What really struck me about the game was that it reminded me so much of so many games I saw both in person and on tv last season.

I see this club as a .500 team, similar to the 2005 team. I could accept that and live with it, provided they play hard and play smart. Unfortunately, I saw neither yesterday.

I made it into the sixth inning yesterday when I just decided I had enough. It was a beautiful day outside and there were things to be done in the yard.

It bothers me that we're only one homestand into the season. I look forward all winter for baseball to come back, and I hate it that I already feel tired of watching this team.

After losing 4 out of 6 at home against the Marlins and Nats, the Mets hit the road for Colorado and St. Louis. If they play like this, they won't win a game.

It's time for the wakeup call, or many Mets fans might wind up falling asleep on this team. I know we're only a week into the season, but if there is one thing that the Mets can't afford in the early going, it is the perception of lack of focus and effort.

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i feel exactly the same way u do mike..it's like last year never ended..hard 2 watch..manuel will be gone real soon if this keeps up.saying his team was unprepared and that jacobs has to work out issues with his swing while batting him clean up deserves to get him fired.i think he's on very thin ice.the way the team is playing makes the wilpons look even worse (it that is possible) for not firing him at the end of the year.

I expect the Mets to get swept on this upcoming 6-game roadtrip — they face Carpenter and Wainright in STL and De la Rosa in Denver — which will put them at 2-10 when they get back next Monday. Maybe they will win one game somewhere because someone hands it to them, but even when Florida and Washington tried to hand the Mets a game on this past home stand the Mets couldn’t take it.

By April 29 — barring rainouts — the Mets will have played 22 games. My prediction is that when they go to Philadelphia on Friday, April 30, they will carry with them a 6-16 record and be on last place.

It is my sincere hope that the manager in Philadelphia will be Bobby Valentine, the 1B’man will be Ike Davis .... I hope Catalonatto, Jacobs, Castillo and Matthews will be gone.

This team as currently constructed by Minaya and guided by manuel is a train wreck. The empty seats at Citi Field will force the Wilpons to make moves -- hopefully sooner then later.

I know its early but you gotta tell it like you see and... and your right on... They gotta take 1 - 2 games on the road this week.. No way will we see Valentine this year as much as I would love it myself..

Its early but here is a few things I see...
- Put Ike at first and leave him there..
- Part ways with Castillo
- Pagan everyday at least until Beltran
- Let Santana go every 5th day , who cares who gets skipped over..
- Let the kid be the 5th starter. He will get extra days rest naturally. Maybee have Maine go to Pen...

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