May 22, 2007

How Much Do I Hate The Braves? Let me count the ways...

Those of you who know me well from the 7 Train know I hate the Braves more than anything. Even when they are in a downswing it doesn't last long. We all know when the Mets hit the wall it last for years, hence the dark periods of 1977-1984, 1988-1998,...

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January 4, 2007

Mets Turn Their Attention to Ohka

Barry Zito is now a distant memory for Minaya and the Mets, so I am now reading that they have turned their attentions to Tomo Ohka. In 2005 Ohka went 11-9 with a 4.04 ERA, last season he went 4-5 with a 4.82 ERA in 18 starts. He's not awful,...

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December 28, 2006

Scott Boras Is Satan - Part 2

I heard today on WFAN radio that the Texas Rangers have given Barry Zito until tomorrow to make up his mind. I can't even believe that Zito and Boras are still considering going with Texas. Boras is the Satan of baseball. I entitled this post "Part 2" because I'm sure...

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December 14, 2006

Zito for Christmas?

It has been very quiet on the Mets hot stove as you know. Oh yeah there have been a few minor deals here and there, but as of now the biggest things happening in Mets-land have been the return of Glavine and signing Moises Alou (a signing I HATE). All...

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December 6, 2006

Next Stop: New York or Siberia

Omar Minaya is setting up shop at the winter meetings and making it clear that pitching is his number one priority. He is set to meet with Scott Boras, Barry Zito's agent - or as I like to call him the Satan of Baseball. There is talk that along with...

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December 4, 2006

Mets Dumb-Stove

The Mets have offered arbitration to Roberto Hernandez which I can kind of understand. Especially in light of letting Chad Bradford leave without so much as a "Thank you." However instead of offering a deal to Bradford they decide to offer arbitration to Guillermo Mota. Mota, as you all remember,...

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November 30, 2006

Mets Ice Cold Stove

Editor's Note: Most of you know Shari Forst from Take the "7" Train. This is her first contribution to this blog. - M.S. Hi All- Shari here from's Take The "7" Train- I have been less than impressed with the moves Omar and company have been making so far...

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