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April 30, 2006

Mets Come Up Short of Sweeping Braves

Braves 8 - Mets 5 The Mets provided Steve Trachsel offense that Tom Glavine could only dream about, but Trax picked a bad day to be just plain bad. Moved up a day in front of Victor Zambrano to give the Mets a better chance of winning a game in...

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Same Teams, Same Place, but the Voodoo Has Faded

After dropping the last two games to the Braves at the end of their last homestand, the Mets embarked on a ten game road trip to San Diego, San Francisco and Atlanta. The players seemed to have a good attitude, but we fans were a little apprehensive. West coast swings...

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April 29, 2006

These Mets Just Don't Dread the Ted

Mets 1 - Braves 0 Prescription for beating the Braves: Take one vintage Tom Glavine, mix in one longball from Lo Duca, add a few splashes of near-flawless defense, a dose of Aaron Heilman at his unhittable best, and cap it off with our slider-slinging closer. For the second night...

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Beltran Returns

Adam Rubin reports on his Surfing the Mets that Carlos Beltran will return to the Mets lineup for tonight's game vs. the Braves. I don't know about you, but I'm keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed until game time. Also, if you get a chance check out Marty...

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It's the Braves Fans Turn to Go Crazy

Before you leave a comment or e-mail me, I agree that the Mets have done nothing towards exorcising the demons of their past by winning a solitary game in Atlanta. The thing is, I believe that it's actually the Mets fan (me included) and not the players on this current...

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April 28, 2006

Beating Atlanta is Fun-damental

Mets 5 - Braves 2 The Mets did all of the little things right tonight, got good pitching from Pedro and a couple of dingers from David Wright, and sent the tomahawk choppers home disappointed tonight. In other words, it was as good as it gets for the Mets at...

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Bannister Goes on the DL, Beltran Doesn't

The Mets have decided to play it safe with Brian Bannister's hamstring and put him on the DL. I think this is a good move. He'll only miss a couple of starts if he's ready to pitch when he's eligible to come off the DL. You just don't want to...

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The Ted Doesn't Seem Quite As Scary Anymore

Almost everything in the papers today that isn't about Brian Bannister's hamstring is about the Mets' venturing back into what has been the franchise's House of Horrors, Turner Field in Atlanta. With Mets fans still smarting from the last two games of the Mets-Braves series at Shea, you can feel...

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Bannister Update

There is some print confirmation on Brian Bannister's hamstring injury. On Mets.com, Marty Noble is confirming what WFAN reported earlier. Doctors that administered an MRI to Brian Bannister have told the rookie pitcher that there was tearing of the hamstring, and have classified the injury as a "grade 1 strain",...

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April 27, 2006

Bannister May Not Need to Go on the DL

During their "20-20" news updates, WFAN is reporting that Brian Bannister will not go on the disabled list, but rather is day-to-day with a strained hamstring. I've been looking for some confirmation on this from the Mets' web site or any other print source but have been unable to find...

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Who Will Be the Fifth Starter Now?

Brian Bannister feels that his hamstring injury is a only bad cramp and that he won't miss his next start. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone that saw him pull that hammy yesterday maintains anything close to that level of optimism. We'll have some answers today when the results of Bannister's...

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April 26, 2006

Mets Win Game, Lose Bannister

Mets 9 - Giants 7 (11) The Mets overcame both an ugly-looking groin injury to starting pitcher Brian Banister and having closer Billy Wagner doing his best Braden Looper imitation in the ninth, winning the rubber game of the series against the Giants. Bannister struggled a little early in the...

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Trachsel Does His Job, Now It's Bannister's Turn

Steve Trachsel was at his best last night, as he often is against the San Francisco Giants. Since his ugly game against the Brewers on April 15, Trachsel has put back to back quality starts together on this west coast swing. Although he only wound up pitching 6 innings again,...

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Mike Pelfrey Moving Up to Double-A

As reported by Marty Noble on Mets.com, first round pick Mike Pelfrey has been promoted to the Mets Double-A Binghamton franchise in a move that may be only a precursor of Pelfrey pitching in Shea Stadium later in the summer. Noble quotes GM Omar Minaya that Pelfrey has responded to...

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Trachsel, Bullpen Halt Slide

Mets 4 - Giants 1 The offense wasn't scintillating, but it was good enough tonight. Home runs by Xavier Nady and Cliff Floyd, combined with great pitching from Steve Trachsel, Duaner Sanchez and Billy Wagner, proved to be the prescription to cure the 2-game losing streak. Trachsel looked a little...

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April 25, 2006

Some Didn't Have the Chance to Get Pissed At Keith

I thought I might take a moment here to take advantage of all the traffic my stand on Keith Hernandez has generated. Before you click on the email link to tell me how much you hate my guts, take a moment to support Mets fans who still do not have...

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Milledge Might Be On the Horizon

In Newsday, David Lennon cites manager Willie Randolph that in the event Carlos Beltran goes on the DL Friday, Lastings Milledge could possibly be called up as a replacement. As recently as a couple of days ago, this was something the team was supposedly not even considering. I've been on...

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Mets Take No Offense to San Francisco

Giants 6 - Mets 2 Maybe I've just been up too late too many nights, but the Mets losses on this road trip are starting to take on a depressing similarity. One of the oldest truisms in baseball is that your team never looks worse than when they're not hitting....

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April 24, 2006

It Really is Okay to Say Something Stupid Occasionally

For the most part, I've always kept this blog about New York Mets baseball. I haven't tried to work my politics or my belief system into things, as they have nothing to do with the Mets. The whole todo over Keith Hernandez and the female San Diego massage therapist, however,...

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Lay Off Keith Hernandez, Thought Police

Another day, another silly controversy. Now the Thought Police are after Keith Hernandez for questioning what a woman was doing in the Padres dugout. It started out as a valid point in that MLB rules state that only a trainer and assistant trainer can be in the dugout, and she...

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April 23, 2006

Zambrano and Mets Offense Both Disappoint Again

Padres 7 - Mets 4 Victor Zambrano was at his Schizophrenic worst, and the offense made Clay Hensley look like a future Hall of Famer for 5 innings before scratching a few runs out to get back in the game. Then the Mets 'pen bled a couple more, the offense...

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Amidst Rotation Worries, Thankfully Pedro is Still Pedro

Pedro Martinez doesn't understand why his velocity is even an issue these days, and you can't really blame him for that. As long as he's able to get enough zip on his fastball to effectively change speeds off of, he'll be able to frustrate major-league hitters. As quoted by Don...

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Pedro Rights the Ship

Mets 8 - Padres 1 In a game that ended mercifully earlier and with a happier result, Pedro had his best outing of the year, striking out 11 in 7 innings and completely dominating the Padres offense. In the process, Pedro raised his record to 4-0, and ensured the Mets...

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April 22, 2006

Slumbering Offense, Snoozer of a Game

Padres 2 - Mets 1 (17) Sorry for the lateness of this post. I was up until the bitter end last night, and then, sure enough, when it ended I had trouble falling asleep. So today I'm tired and disappointed. The Padres batters did their best not to take this...

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April 21, 2006

Some Odds and Ends for a Friday Afternoon

It's hard to believe that we're just over two weeks into the season. For some reason it feels like a lot longer. At least there is no shortage of things to talk about. In fact, so much has been happening that I've neglected to mention a few things that I...

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Kaz Gets to Visit His Happy Place for One Magical Night

As reported by your tired but happy correspondent last evening, Kaz Matsui's return to the Mets last night was a rousing success. I've never been a Matsui basher, and figured he might be the best all-around choice for the second base job this season before he got hurt. Still, when...

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Matsui, Bench Key Amazing Win

Mets 7 - Padres 2 Kaz Matsui opened up this season as he has in both of his previous seasons, with a home run in his first at bat. His inside-the-park homer leading off the third inning tied him with Ken Griffey, Jr. as the only major-leaguer to hit a...

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April 20, 2006

Review: Baseball Between the Numbers

I need to start this review with a disclaimer. I am not someone who has a long background in statistical analysis of baseball. I became a fan long before sabermetrics became a part of the lexicon of baseball. If you are someone that is fairly advanced in your understanding and...

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Why Do We Keep Doing This To Ourselves?

After taking a day off from reading about the Mets in the area's papers, I was back at it this morning. After reading the first few articles and scanning the rest of the headlines, I decided that I just couldn't take any more hand-wringing over dropping two of three to...

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April 19, 2006

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

I've had a thought about how we can solve a couple of recent problems that have cropped up with the Mets. First of all, you have that embarrassment of a song. Don't get me wrong here, at 47 years old, I feel as unqualified to weigh in on a rap...

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Glavine Deserved Better

Braves 2 - Mets 1 For all of the ups and downs that Tom Glavine has experienced over his Mets' career, I wish I had a dime for every time I said the three word title of this post. Betrayed by a stumbling Mets offense and a third baseman that...

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Find Me a Real Alternative to Zambrano and I'll Sign On

You'll forgive me if there are no news links in this post today. I started reading the New York papers this morning and just had to give it up. It wasn't that they didn't do their usual great job today, it's just that I learned long ago that my key...

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April 18, 2006

Stink, Stank, Stunk.

Braves 7 - Mets 1 This is actually my third attempt to make some sense out of this game, and if it doesn't work I'm giving it up for the night. It's not that I'm so shocked the Mets played badly and lost, that's going to happen sometimes. It's not...

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A Historic Victory for Pedro, a Significant One for the Mets

So Pedro manages to grab his historic 200th career win last night, in the process helping the Mets build a historic 5-game lead on the Braves. While it's silly to place undue significance on April baseball, it was extremely important for the Mets to set the tone early in 2006....

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April 17, 2006

Pedro Wins 200th, Mets Open 5 Game Lead on Atlanta

Mets 4 - Braves 3 Pedro Martinez wasn't at his most dominating tonight, but he was good enough to pitch the Mets past the Braves -- with a little help from Duaner Sanchez and Billie Wagner. Martinez pitched 6-2/3 solid innings, giving up 6 hits, walking 2 and striking out...

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Keith Hernandez Back in the Booth Tonight

Apparently I wasn't the only one that was getting concerned about Keith Hernandez' unexplained absence from the booth for 6 games amidst wild rumors that he had been sacked for a trivial remark about Mike Piazza. I mentioned in yesterday's game wrap-up that Gary Cohen finally mentioned that Keith was...

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Two Things to Lose Some Sleep Over

I've been uncharacteristically optimistic all spring, and feel like I need to take a step back and embrace some of my old pessimism. Maybe it's the Bravos rolling into town, with a long road trip looming at the end of this 3-game series. Maybe it's a life-long Mets fan's discomfort...

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April 16, 2006

Losing Streak Ends At One

Mets 9 - Brewers 3 This game lived up to that old "closer than the final score would indicate" cliché. Brian Bannister was in constant trouble for 5 innings, walking 5 and falling behind batters all day, but left on the long side of a 4-1 score. Darren Oliver came...

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Mr. Julio, Your Flight to Norfolk is Ready for Takeoff

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate the holiday. In case you missed it from earlier, Carlos Beltran will miss today's game with a tight hamstring. And you thought that Jorge Julio's performance was the most painful thing you saw yesterday. Speaking of Julio, it comes as no surprise...

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Beltran Will Miss Today's Game Because of a Tight Hamstring

Another dose of harsh reality after yesterday's loss to Milwaukee -- the AP is reporting that Carlos Beltran injured his hamstring when he collided with Prince Fielder at first base in yesterday's game. After being told by the doctor yesterday that the injury was not serious, Beltran woke up today...

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April 15, 2006

Mets Winning Streak Ends With a Thud

Brewers 8 - Mets 2 The Mets 7-game winning streak has ended in a convincing manner. They never looked truly in this game when the score was still relatively close, and another horrendous Jorge Julio outing in the eighth took any suspense out of the outcome. Steve Trachsel was just...

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The Keith Hernandez Watch Continues

I'm still somewhat skeptical of the conspiracy theories surrounding Keith Hernandez' absence from the booth last night after not making the trip for those 3 games in Washington. I've heard the same rumors that some of you have, regarding a comment Keith made in a game last week that Paul...

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Nobody Ever Said It Was Going to Be Easy

Mets 4 - Brewers 3 Tonight served as a reminder that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. It was calm enough for a while, as Tom Glavine dominated the Brew Crew through 6 innings, allowing only an unearned run caused by a sloppy Victor Diaz error in left field. Glavine scattered...

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April 14, 2006

Rain Delay Update

If you're surfing around, waiting for the Mets - Brewers game to start, it looks like the rain is mostly past New York now: Let's Go Mets! And damn it, weather, you'd better cooperate! More Mets Stories: SportsSpyder Mets...

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Swaggering is Back in Vogue for the Mets

It's been a long time since we've seen a really well-constructed Mets team. With due respect to the 1999 and 2000 editions, they weren't even close to this team in overall balance. The very good Mets teams of the mid to late '80s probably are a better comparison. Although they...

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April 13, 2006

Capitol Murder

Mets 13 - Nationals 4 As happy as you as a Mets fan with these last 3 days, you have to empathize with Nationals fans. We know how a beating like this feels -- we have lived through enough of them these past few years. As for the Mets, things...

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Better Living Through Chemistry

It is tempting to get overly giddy about a Mets team that has won 6 out of its first 7 games, overlooking the fact that they've been competing against the two teams that will most likely inhabit the bottom of the division standings. The pitching staff has been indeed been...

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April 12, 2006

Nats, Hostile Crowd Fail to Intimidate Pedro

Mets 3 - Nationals 1 The Washington crowd did their best to intimidate Pedro, but should have realized that he thrives on this stuff. Pedro went 7 strong innings against the Nats, the only blemish being a solo homer by Jose Vidro. His stuff wasn't awesome, and his control wasn't...

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Trachsel is the Fifth Starter

I remembered to turn on WFAN at 5 for the Willie Randolph report. After the usual sarcastic introduction from the pompous Francesa, his partner began the weekly grilling process. There was some interesting back and forth over such things as Willie choosing to use Wagner yesterday, Beltran not wanting to...

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Maybe Omar is Smarter than His Critics

John Delcos has a story in The Journal News about the core of young players that the Mets are building their team around. As Delcos points out, several key players will most likely still be playing for this team in 2009 when the Mets open their new stadium (provided sleazy...

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April 11, 2006

Bannister Impressive in First Win

Mets 7 - Nationals 1 Despite admitting some nerves early that hampered his control, Brian Bannister continued to justify the team's faith in him with a strong 7 inning performance in Washington. Despite several 3-ball counts, Bannister didn't walk a batter, striking out one and limiting the Nats to 3...

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High Noon at RFK

Actually, the game starts at one, but this is an important test for the Mets, who need to establish that they can win more games on the road this year. It's also an important test for rookie pitcher Brian Bannister, who has drawn the unenviable position of facing the Nats...

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April 10, 2006

Can't Help Myself: I Like Willie

I'm outing myself and earning the scorn of my fellow Mets fans: despite his flaws, I think the Mets have a pretty good manager. There is a nice Marty Noble article on Mets.com about the relationship that Willie Randolph and Cliff Floyd developed last year. Last year in spring training,...

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Beanballs and Sandmen

The first week of the season has passed, and it's been a heck of a ride already. It only took one series with the Nationals to develop a unhealthy animosity between the two teams over beanballs. And of course, the Mets have to venture down to RFK Tuesday, Wednesday and...

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April 9, 2006

Mets Claw Out a Win Over the Marlins

Mets 3 - Marlins 2 The Mets scratched out a pair of runs in the seventh against Dontrelle Willis, then took advantage of a young reliever who was in A-ball last year to win the game in the ninth, sweeping the Fish in the rain-shortened 2-game series. David Wright drove...

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It's Quiet Out There, Sheriff... Too Quiet

Sorry for the tardiness of this post, but it was tough to come up with anything to write about today. Yesterday I spoke of the difference between limping out of the gate at 0-5 and winning 3 of 4 to get things underway. Nobody is spending a lot of time...

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April 8, 2006

Review: New York Mets 1986 World Series DVD Set

Collector's Edition 9-Disk DVD Set As soon as I heard they were coming out with this set I put in a pre-order on it at Amazon.com. The day that it arrived in the mail a little over a week ago, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Although I...

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What a Difference a Year Makes

The Mets are off to a pretty good start this year at 3-1. I'm not going to go crazy over it, as I refused to do last year at 0-5. Still, when you look at the differences between last year and this year, you have to be impressed. I have...

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Trachsel Looks Good, Mets Spank the Fish

Mets 9 - Marlins 3 The Mets managed to make it through a whole game against Florida without hitting a batter. Meanwhile, Marlins pitchers plunked Carlos Delgado and Paul Lo Duca as the Mets offense feasted on fish pitching. Steve Trachsel, who looked mighty bad for a lot of the...

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April 7, 2006

Think Before Booing

Yes, I know, you were ready to embrace Carlos Beltran last night, after jumping on him from the get-go in 2006. Carlos was mad at you, and not ready to kiss and make up right away. What the heck is the matter with this guy? I've been a Mets fan...

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A New Day Has Dawned

Mets 10 - Nationals 5 Welcome to the new reality of Mets baseball 2006. It's been kind of ugly with all the hit batters the last couple of days, but it makes a point, too. The Mets pitchers aren't conceding the inside of the plate to opposing batters anymore, and...

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April 6, 2006

The New Ballpark

There are images of the new Mets Ballpark on Mets.com. Sure looks beautiful. I can't say I'll be all that sorry to see Shea go, but I think I'll actually miss the old dog a little. Also, I have to admit that it bothers me somewhat that the ballpark is...

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It's Always Something

On the morning after the first loss of the season, I find it hard to get myself too worked up over the failure of the Mets' bullpen last night. Wagner has admitted that he's a slow starter, and usually struggles early in the year, and I never expected much from...

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April 5, 2006

The Imperfect End to an Imperfect Day

Nationals 9 - Mets 5 (10) Shades of Braden Looper. Billy Wagner blew a chance to save rookie Brian Bannister's first major league win, but gave up the tying home run to Nationals rookie 3B Ryan Zimmerman. Jorge Julio came into the game in the tenth and got beaten up...

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Still Fighting Your Cable Company to Get SportsNet NY?

I've dumped Adelphia Tele-Media cable in favor of DirecTV, but have no plans to let them off the hook for their abysmal service to customers. If anyone out there is fighting the good fight against their cable or satellite company to get the channel and have a web site, petition...

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Moving On

We'll be moving away from song controversies today and back to real baseball as rookie Brian Bannister makes his debut tonight. There is always pressure when a rookie pitcher comes up and has adjust to facing major-league hitters, but this will be compounded by the fact that the team he...

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April 4, 2006

Putting the Sandman to Bed

Let's be clear here. If Billy Wagner cared about the feelings of others, he'd pick a new song. It wouldn't matter that he has used Enter Sandman as long as that other guy in town has -- Wagner and the Mets have to acknowledge that they are both number two...

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Enter Sandman, Exit Blowhards

WFAN's Mike and the Mad Dog, who gave Mets fans last spring's opening day "gloating at your pain" party, have a new gift for Mets fans this year. After Chris Russo let all Mets fans know that the Flushing nine would have definitely lost the game if the umpire hadn't...

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Some Thoughts on a Successful Opening Day

Although it still hurts a little not to have watched the game, it's a good feeling to have a successful debut. I can still remember how I felt last year when Looper gave up those 2 home runs in the ninth. As for watching the games, I signed up with...

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April 3, 2006

Mets Win!

Mets Win! Mets 3 - Nationals 2 Thanks for the baserunning, Washington. Soriano thrown out at the plate by Cliff Floyd in the eighth, down by a run with no outs. Then Vidro tries to stretch a single into a double and gets thrown out by Beltran for the final...

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Opening Day

Sorry, folks. I started writing this early in the morning and then work intruded. No use writing it now, the game is only a little more than an hour away. Let's Go Mets! Still waiting for DirecTV and SNY to make nice I know, I know. Shari from Take the...

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April 2, 2006

Gotta Believe It's Getting Better

We're going to do something a little different today. After spending the morning reading through what seemed like dozens of features, previews and predictions, I'm not even going to try to point you to what I saw as the most interesting stories. As we sit here on a Sunday afternoon...

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April 1, 2006

Trachsel Looks Good in Final Tune-up

Mets 2 - Cardinals 1 Steve Trachsel pitched 5 shutout innings against St. Louis today, scattering 4 hits and walking none. Jorge Julio followed with a scoreless inning, then Duaner Sanchez gave up the Cardinal's lone run on a leadoff homer by the immortal Skip Schumaker. Sanchez atoned by striking...

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Mets Final Roster Set

The Mets made their final roster moves yesterday. They sent pitchers Jose Lima, Darren Oliver, Yusaku Iriki and Heath Bell to the minor-league camp -- apparently, there is still some question whether Darren Oliver and Jose Lima will accept the minor league assignments. Earlier this week, Lima indicated he wouldn't...

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