Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Upgrading Minor League Living Conditions Just Makes Sense

This offseason figures to be one of the most consequential in New York Mets history. Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson will need to decide on the person responsible for laying a foundation for what the Mets will be for the foreseeable future. The manager and most of the coaching staff will be new next season. There will be promotions and demotions along with hirings and firings up and down the organization. The team on the field wearing Mets uniforms will undoubtedly look very different next year, as will the folks making the critical decisions behind the scenes. Unlike last year, Cohen and Alderson will have plenty of time to accomplish the tasks before them, with no excuses if they can't get the job done.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Some Thoughts on the PBO Search

The postseason for the New York Mets has barely begun, but there is already word that Theo Epstein will not be the new President of Baseball Operations for the club. The news didn't strike me as much of a surprise, for many of the reasons that Joel Sherman delineated in his article. Epstein has made a lot of money in baseball and can continue making plenty of money doing whatever he pleases. After winning titles in Boston and Chicago, Theo is looking for a different challenge than repeating that achievement in another city. It always felt like quite a long shot.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Big Changes Ahead After Another Disappointing Season

As I write this post, the New York Mets are in the process of dropping the final game of the season. It's a fitting end for the disappointing club to go out on a losing streak with their offense once again shut down. In fairness, the Mets have found their way to some victories this week — long, long past the time when those wins would have been of any real consequence, of course. I always miss baseball when the season comes to an end. It's the only sport that I still follow with more than passing interest. The close of the regular season also marks the end of whatever tattered shreds of summer remain. Even as the earth continues to get hotter, I still miss the long days and bright sunshine of summer throughout the New England winter.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Real Work Lies Ahead

In my last post, I shared some thoughts on the current punditry that the New York Mets organization has reverted to WILPON ERA DYSFUNCTION. Especially amusing was the idea that the value of the Mets had "gone backward significantly," with Steve Cohen's tweets a significant contributor to that drop in value. This was a ludicrous statement from an unnamed "former MLB executive." The Mets organization has indeed made some serious, high-profile blunders since Cohen took over. Still, the Mets are a viable franchise in the country's largest (by far) sports market. There's a difference between temporary setbacks and long-term trends that would hurt the franchise's value as a whole.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It’s Not Quite as Dark as It Seems

I've been working on a long post looking ahead to the choices the New York Mets will be facing in the offseason. I've been dissatisfied with how it's been progressing. It was more negative than I generally choose to be on this blog. I've decided to table it for a while and pick it up again after the season. The Mets have plummeted so far in the standings recently that there is no longer any plausible drama for the remaining dozen games of the 2021 season. The club seems destined to finish third in the NL East with a record south of .500 for the tenth time in their last 13 seasons. A season that began with a ton of promise is ending miserably. As Mets fans, we have the uncomfortable feeling that we've been here before.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Checking In

I haven't written here for a while. It's just as well. There really isn't much to say about the 2021 New York Mets any longer. They've been at the edge of "stick a fork in us" for quite some time. The just-completed dreary series against the St. Louis Cardinals did a good job of putting an end to even semi-realistic playoff hopes for the Amazins this season. The first year of the Steve Cohen regime went a little too much like most of the recent Wilpon seasons have gone. It only compounds the frustration that this season provided such an eminently doable route to the playoffs, and all the Mets could manage was another slapstick faceplant on another too-familiar journey to Palookaville.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Catching up on the Mets, Part 2

Since I wrote Part 1 of this post, the Mets winning streak came to an anticlimactic end in game 2 against the Nationals on Saturday night. The New York Mets lost that game the same way they have lost many games in this 2021 baseball season: fielding a less-than-optimal starting lineup thanks to a depleted roster and mustering little offense in an eminently winnable game. Then in today's series finale, they failed to convert runs to build a comfortable lead, leading to a heartbreaking (and backbreaking) loss. Raise your hands if you were shocked by either of these outcomes. Anyone? Yeah, me neither.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Catching up on the Mets

The New York Mets are in the midst of their first nice winning streak in months. After today's ugly but ultimately successful game in Washington, they have won 7 straight games they have played. Technically their streak is 6 in a row, as the first of those wins was the final 8 2/3 innings of a game suspended on April 11. Even though only one single out of the game was recorded in April, it goes in the books as a win on that day. Go figure.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Missed It by THAT Much

As promised in my last post, I have no intention of spending what little writing time I have these days complaining about the current edition of the New York Mets. While it's gratifying that they actually played a really solid, complete game against LA in their final meeting this season and — gasp — actually won a game against them yesterday, it doesn't change things that much. Their play since the All-Star break speaks for itself. I never expected them to be in quite the same class as the Dodgers this season, but it really strikes me how many of the contests against LA and San Francisco have been close games that the Mets time and again failed to find a way to win. They might as well have gotten their asses kicked every game for as much difference as it makes in the standings.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Circling the Drain

For the reasons that I mentioned in a personal note at the bottom of my last post, I haven't been able to post as regularly as I wish to. The New York Mets have decided to make things somewhat easier on me by continuing to play some awful baseball that isn't really worth writing about. They've been a somewhat frustrating team to watch, root for, and write about most of the season. That's only been more of the case as they can't even muster the fight to challenge for a division that seems likely to be won by a team with a win total in the mid-80s. Then again, last season's Mets didn't come very close to making expanded playoffs that included teams that barely finished over .500.

It’s Not Quite as Dark as It Seems

I've been working on a long post looking ahead to the choices the New York Mets will be facing in the offseason. I've been dissatis...