Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Upgrading Minor League Living Conditions Just Makes Sense

This offseason figures to be one of the most consequential in New York Mets history. Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson will need to decide on the person responsible for laying a foundation for what the Mets will be for the foreseeable future. The manager and most of the coaching staff will be new next season. There will be promotions and demotions along with hirings and firings up and down the organization. The team on the field wearing Mets uniforms will undoubtedly look very different next year, as will the folks making the critical decisions behind the scenes. Unlike last year, Cohen and Alderson will have plenty of time to accomplish the tasks before them, with no excuses if they can't get the job done.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Some Thoughts on the PBO Search

The postseason for the New York Mets has barely begun, but there is already word that Theo Epstein will not be the new President of Baseball Operations for the club. The news didn't strike me as much of a surprise, for many of the reasons that Joel Sherman delineated in his article. Epstein has made a lot of money in baseball and can continue making plenty of money doing whatever he pleases. After winning titles in Boston and Chicago, Theo is looking for a different challenge than repeating that achievement in another city. It always felt like quite a long shot.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Big Changes Ahead After Another Disappointing Season

As I write this post, the New York Mets are in the process of dropping the final game of the season. It's a fitting end for the disappointing club to go out on a losing streak with their offense once again shut down. In fairness, the Mets have found their way to some victories this week — long, long past the time when those wins would have been of any real consequence, of course. I always miss baseball when the season comes to an end. It's the only sport that I still follow with more than passing interest. The close of the regular season also marks the end of whatever tattered shreds of summer remain. Even as the earth continues to get hotter, I still miss the long days and bright sunshine of summer throughout the New England winter.

It’s Not Quite as Dark as It Seems

I've been working on a long post looking ahead to the choices the New York Mets will be facing in the offseason. I've been dissatis...