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June 30, 2006

One Last Ride on the Hype Machine For 2006

It's time for what is likely to be the last round of Mets-Yankees hoopla in 2006 to begin. I'll be thankful when it's over. I know there are some out there that eat this stuff up, and I don't begrudge you that, but I think this rivalry has lost something...

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Three Days to Forget

Red Sox 4 - Mets 2 If the Mets were looking at these 3 games in Boston as a referendum as to where their team was at, they couldn't be too happy with the answer. Tom Glavine pitched well enough to keep them in it, but had difficulty in putting...

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June 29, 2006

Dis-Arming Developments

Try not to read too much into the Mets two-day (so far) debacle at Fenway Park. If we were honest, we knew going into the series that the Red Sox were a better team than the Mets. They're not, however, this much better, any more than the Mets are as...

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June 28, 2006


Red Sox 10 - Mets 2 Yesterday I was able to find some positives in a bad day. Today I turned the game off in the fifth inning, as there was really nothing left to see. Pedro is struggling to change his pitching style to take pressure off the hip,...

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That Frustrating Bottom of the Rotation Is Still a Concern

A few days ago I highlighted how Steve Trachsel had pitched through his personal 4-game winning streak. Given Orlando Hernandez' recent implosion in Toronto, and Alay Soler's ordeal last night at Fenway Park, I was curious to take a look back at how all 3 pitchers in the bottom of...

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June 27, 2006

Just a Bad Night in Boston

Red Sox 9 - Mets 4 This one starting slipping away early, as Alay Soler had his worst outing as a Met and the Mets lineup couldn't come up with that one key hit to really punish Sox starter John Lester. I can't stand the Red Sox, so this one...

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Tales of Arrogance in the Big City

It struck me yesterday when I was looking through some of the news items that caught my eye that there was a common theme running through all of them -- simple arrogance. Nice suit, Mr. Schuerholz... The papers and online sports sites have been chock full of stories that ask...

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June 26, 2006

Some Food For Thought on an Off Day

A couple of interesting items before I send myself to the showers for the evening: Mets.com: Reyes Player of the Week Again The kid that ESPN's Rob Neyer wrote off as "one of the very worst everyday players in the majors" in May last year has just won the NL...

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The 2006 Mets Just Keep Rolling

Despite sputtering a little at home last week, things are still going very well for the Mets. The other teams in the division didn't capitalize on the opportunity, and the Mets did a decent job of righting the ship, taking two of three from a very good Blue Jays team...

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June 25, 2006

Mets Ride Reyes and Beltran to Series Win In Toronto

Mets 7 - Blue Jays 4 Jose Reyes continued his torrid hitting, and Carlos Beltran contributed a 3-run homer that gave the Mets a lead they would not relinquish, enabling the Mets to overcome another ineffectual start from Steve Trachsel and take the rubber game of their series north of...

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June 24, 2006

El Duque's One Bad Inning Spoils the Whole Bunch

Blue Jays 7 - Mets 4 The Mets 9-game road winning streak came screeching to a halt in the second inning in Toronto this afternoon. Orlando Hernandez couldn't control his curveball, and by the time the dust had settled the Blue Jays had 6 runs and an angry El Duque...

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Mets Daily Podcast Is On-Line

The MetsDaily.com Conference Call with me, Shari Forst from Take the "7" Train and Joe Pietaro from New York Sportscene magazine is now on-line at MetsDaily.com. Go to the Mets Daily web site, scroll down to Podcasts and look for the conference call. It was a lot of fun to...

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Glavine Notches Number Eleven North of the Border

Mets 6 - Blue Jays 1 The Mets won the first battle of their 9 game odyssey through the AL east behind the strong pitching of Tom Glavine, major league baseball's first 11 game winner. David Wright hit an impressive 3-run bomb, and Lastings Milledge contributed a monster home run...

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June 23, 2006

Taking Today Off

I haven't been feeling that well again lately, and it's been somewhat of a struggle to write for the past week or so. I've been feeling a little extra dizzy, and that makes it awfully difficult to concentrate. I received this comment to my post on last night's game, And...

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June 22, 2006

And The 23-Year-Olds Shall Lead Them

Mets 6 - Reds 2 The Mets toyed around with the idea of making Eric Milton look good today, but David Wright took matters into his own hands with a pair of 2-run homers to allow the Mets to limp out of Shea Stadium with their dignity intact. A 3-4...

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Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

I apologize for being so late with this post. I got involved with a lot of work for the paying job this morning, and, to be honest, I needed a little sanity break from thinking about the Mets. I told you all the truth last night that games like that...

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June 21, 2006

Paging Mr. Looper...

Reds 6 - Mets 5 When you lose a game because your high-priced closer walks a couple of guys, I'm not sure how much else there is to say. I was just starting to develop some trust in Wagner after his terrible start, and then he walks the tying and...

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Don't Be So Fast To Write Off Nady

Along with the debate that is currently going on over whether Lastings Milledge should remain with the Mets when Cliff Floyd returns from the DL, there is an equally interesting discussion about Xavier Nady. When Milledge came up and got off to a hot start, there were quite a few...

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June 20, 2006

The X-Man Homereth (Twice)

Mets 9 - Reds 2 With a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the fifth inning, Steve Trachsel got tired of waiting for his offense to give him a little insurance, and took matters into his own hands with a monster blast into the mezzanine in left field. Even more...

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Shea Stadium Is No Home-Like Place for the Mets

When the Mets get on the road, the two Carloses flex their muscles and become one of the most feared one-two punches in baseball. Once they enter the kryptonite-laced confines of Shea Stadium, they take on a depressingly mild-mannered personality. Unfortunately for the Mets, that translates into a much more...

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June 19, 2006

The Mets Bats Fail El Duque

Reds 4 - Mets 2 I have to give Orlando Hernandez credit, he pitched one hell of a strong 7 innings tonight against a team that can mash. He deserved better than he got, but the Mets have continued their maddening trend of not being able to score runs at...

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A Pre-Mid-Summer Day's Nightmare

When I awoke this morning, I was shocked to see that the Atlanta Braves had taken over first place in the National League east. I couldn't believe it. Things looked so good just a few days ago; after all these years of suffering the Mets seemed poised to exorcize the...

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June 18, 2006

Wright and Marrero Make It a Happy Father's Day

Mets 9 - Orioles 4 Tom Glavine kept the Mets in the game while the bats were quiet, then managed to give them just enough to come up with his tenth win of the season. The Mets avoided their first 3-game losing streak of the year as some late offense...

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A Father's Day Mets Memory with a Twist

Being that today is Father's Day, many of you are thinking back to your experiences of watching baseball games with your Dad. For most of us, it's our fathers that have the greatest influence on the team we root for. Growing up without a father, my experience was somewhat different....

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Hey, This Losing Thing Kind of Sucks, Doesn't It?

Orioles 4 - Mets 2 This one hurt tonight. I never liked the Benson trade that much, and seeing him get his eighth win for a bad team was almost as annoying as the fact that he did it against us. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think...

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June 17, 2006

Booing Aaron and the Team

Greg from Faith and Fear in Flushing was at the game last night and was a little bit bothered by the actions of some of his fellow fans: Well, the first game of the rest of our lives has come and gone and absolutely nothing has changed. The Mets lost;...

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The Mets Leave Their Momentum on the Road

Orioles 6 - Mets 3 I had a feeling going into last night's game that the winning streak was going to come to an end. The Mets had been playing sharp baseball and getting more than their share of the breaks, and it just seemed that a little bit of...

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June 16, 2006

Strange Times Indeed

A "friend" of mine who is a Yankees fan has been trying to get in my head about the Mets lately. Yankee fans like to make a pretense of ignoring the Mets when their team is up and ours is down, but they're almost always paying attention to what's going...

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June 15, 2006

Wright Leads Mets to Eighth Straight Win and Sweep in Philly

Mets 5 - Phillies 4 The Mets came into Philadelphia a hot team and left there the same way. They now hold a 9-1/2 game lead over their rivals from down the turnpike, and for the near future should probably fear complacency as much as any rival. David Wright, whose...

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Things to Do in Atlanta When You're Dead

At MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone has some fun with David O'Brien's Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog about the free-falling Atlanta Braves and the growing discord in their clubhouse and among their fans. Cerrone gets a real kick out of the fan comments, where they're ripping into everyone from Larry Jones to Bobby Cox...

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Mets Romp to Seventh Straight Win

Mets 9 - Phillies 3 It's not supposed to be this easy. The Phillies were playing at home in a must-win game. Brett Myers was pitching for Philadelphia. Surely they wouldn't let the Mets jump out to a 8-1/2 game lead before the summer solstice? Myers didn't last out the...

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June 14, 2006

Savor the Good Times, Mets Fan

The Mets are on a roll right now, so much so that it's difficult for guys like me to find something to write about. It's hard to second-guess Willie Randolph's recent moves -- as a matter of fact, I thought the decision to bring in Chad Bradford in the fifth...

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June 13, 2006

Wright's Glove Saves Sixth Straight Win for Amazin's

Mets 9 - Phillies 7 It could have been a cakewalk, but turned into a nail biter. The Mets survived Tom Glavine's second straight bad outing to open up a 7-1/2 game lead on the Phillies. The free-falling, stick-a-fork-in-them Braves also lost again, and are now 11 games off the...

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This Bandwagon Is Getting Crowded

Now hold on a minute here. Last week the Mets couldn't be taken seriously by most in the media, now many are gushing over them. It seems to be one extreme or another for the lads from Flushing. I've read in more than one place today that the Mets are...

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June 12, 2006

SI Ranks Mets Tops in NL; Beltran Player of the Week

Showing the Mets a little more respect than they've been finding among the national media, SI's John Donovan has moved the Mets up from sixth place to second in his MLB Power Rankings: Carlos Beltran is playing like it's '04 all over again (.529, three homers, three doubles, 10 RBIs...

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Mets Are Making Believers of the Ones That Matter -- Us

I wrote back near the end of May that the Mets would face a huge test in the month of June. I'm not trying to take a bow for this dramatic revelation, anyone who took a look at the schedule for the month could come to no other conclusion. The...

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June 11, 2006

Pedro Finally Gets a Win as Mets Roll to Fifth Straight

Mets 15 - Diamondbacks 2 Things are going so well for the Mets lately, they were even able to give Pedro Martinez an easy win, his first since April 28. It took a little while for the train to start rolling tonight, but once it did the Diamondbacks were handily...

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Mets Win Fourth Straight Behind Soler

Mets 5 - Diamondbacks 0 Alay Soler was able to do what Steve Trachsel failed to do the night before -- throw strikes, work quickly and keep his defense in the game. The end result was the Cuban righthander calling El Duque's complete game and raising him a 2-hit shutout....

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June 10, 2006

Memo to Trachsel: Please Stop Sucking

Something that I personally find confusing is all the things I've been reading about Steve Trachsel being a hard-luck pitcher heading into last night's game. Certainly he deserved a win for his terrific start against the Giants in the last game of the homestand. But to read and hear assertions...

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Carlos y Carlos Lead Mets to Third Straight Win

Mets 10 - Diamondbacks 6 I had a feeling going into tonight's game that it was too much to ask for to have Trachsel pitch well two games in a row. The bad news was that I was right, but the good news was that it didn't matter. Behind two...

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June 9, 2006

Hasta La Vista, Kaz

I just returned home to discover that Newsday's John Heyman is reporting that Kaz Matsui was traded to the Rockies for career bench player Eli Marrero. This doesn't surprise me -- once Jose Valentin won the second base job it was obvious that Matsui's days were numbered. He wasn't going...

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A World That Coerces Self-Censorship

If I could just add some clarification to what I wrote yesterday regarding Aditi Kinkhabwala's SI.com feature on Lastings Milledge. I seem to have incorrectly given some readers the opinion that I was debating her or taking the opposing point of view with what she had to say. I actually...

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A Finely Aged Cuban Goes the Distance

Mets 7 - Diamondbacks 1 After two disappointing starts in a Mets uniform, Orlando Hernandez pitched a complete game 3-hitter against his former team, coming up just one out short of the shutout. He had masterful control of his curveball and changeup, and had pop on his fastball that we...

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June 8, 2006

Reality for Milledge: Become Bland to Survive

Aditi Kinkhabwala has a story about Lastings Milledge on SI.com. It was obvious that she got a kick out of the Mets rookie, whom she felt "immediately injected some spice into an already flavorful clubhouse": He was candid and talkative, and his uncensored streams of consciousness were appealing. He said...

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Mets Outscore Dodgers to Take Series

Mets 9 - Dodgers 7 If you told me in advance that the Mets would score 9 runs in a game that Glavine pitched, I would have guessed it would be an easy win. Tonight was anything but, as Glavine struggled ever bit as much as Pedro yesterday. He coughed...

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June 7, 2006

Fear Not, Bob Raissman Will Protect Us From Lastings Milledge

Is anyone else out there starting to think that the Daily News' Bob Raissman is starting to look as silly as the Mets officials he criticized last week? Don't get me wrong, the Mets came across as extremely foolish when a team official intimated that Adam Rubin might have left...

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The Mets Can Lose When Pedro Pitches Bad, Too

Dodgers 8 - Mets 5 I didn't make it very far into this game before packing it in last night. After that horrible sixth inning, I set the DVR to record the rest of the game and hit the sheets. I had a feeling Pedro was due to have a...

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June 6, 2006

Mets Select Villanova Pitcher with Top Draft Choice

With their top draft pick -- the 62nd overall in the draft, the Mets chose Villanova starting pitcher Kevin Mulvey. On Villanova's web site, Mulvey is described as follows: Top prospect for the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft ... Rates as one of the best professional prospects in the Big...

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Things Are Looking Up For the Mets

Since getting off to that hot 10-2 start, the New York Mets have gone 24-20 and have been unable to put any significant distance between themselves and the teams trailing them in the eastern division standings. I know this because it's something I've been hearing a lot lately, especially from...

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Soler Dominant as Mets Draw First Blood in LA

Mets 4 - Dodgers 1 Alay Soler had his breaking ball snapping and control of his fastball. He was able to use all his pitches to keep the Dodgers -- the best hitting club in the National League -- off balance all night. He went seven strong innings and saved...

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June 5, 2006

Milledge -- Unkind to Animals and Small Children?

Lastings Milledge came up to the Mets as an emergency replacement for Xavier Nady last Tuesday. Hard to believe it's been less than a week, because there has been a big enough sh*tstorm over this kid to last a season. Everything is fair game with him, his talent, his potential,...

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June 4, 2006

Milledge Shines, But Mets Still Fall

Giants 7 - Mets 6 (12) There are no moral victories in baseball, especially when you had a series at home leading into a long western trip, you had 3 winnable games, and came away with a single win. Having said that, you have to admire the fight of this...

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The Lastings Word

We had some interesting discussion here yesterday regarding some things that have been written about Lastings Milledge. While referring specifically to writings by the Daily News' Bob Raissman and NY Baseball Central's Mike McGann, if you have been following Milledge since the Mets drafted him in the first round of...

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Mets Salvage Split of Doubleheader

Game 1: Giants 6 - Mets 4 Game 2: Mets 3 - Giants 2 (11) The Mets and Giants played 2 games on a long, wet, ugly day at Shea where there probably shouldn't have been any baseball played at all. The conditions were so abysmally poor that you have...

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June 3, 2006

Is Lastings Milledge a Thug?

Sorry about missing this morning's post. Nothing in the morning papers captured my imagination, and I was busy with a few other things. While the opening game of this double header is delayed by the rain, I thought I'd take the opportunity to weigh in on a couple of things....

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June 2, 2006

Mets - Giants Game Tonight Rained Out

If you live anywhere in the area, you've been deluged by rain all afternoon, so you're probably not surprised by this. The game has been officially rained out, and will be played as part of a double header tomorrow starting at 1:25 PM. The first game will be televised on...

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Raissman Makes a Good Point, Then Carries It Too Far

In an article in today's Daily News, Bob Raissman dons his cranky hat and takes the Mets to task for going overboard in trying to protect the reputation of top prospect Lastings Milledge. Raissman is right on the money in condemning the silliness of the Mets official who suggested the...

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June 1, 2006

Good Luck, Vinny

I link to different Mets bloggers from this site, and I respect their work very much. One thing I have studiously avoided, however, is doing any kind of listing of my favorite Mets bloggers. Don't get me wrong, I have my favorites, but I always felt it was a weird...

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Stop Being the Punch Line of Their Cruel Joke

Lee Jenkins had a story in the New York Times yesterday on the fallout from the Scott Kazmir trade. Since I've shared my feelings in detail on this not all that long ago, I was going to let it go. One of the unfortunate traps I seem to fall into...

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A Long Night Leads to a Happy Endy

Mets 1 - Diamondbacks 0 (13) Pedro Martinez made six starts for the Mets in the month of May. He pitched to an ERA of just over 2.1. He had two games, including tonight, where he allowed no runs. Somehow, the Mets managed not to win one of those games...

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