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July 31, 2006

Mets Deny Linebrink Trade

WFAN is reporting that they have spoken with Jay Horwitz, and he has informed them that they are "done for the day", indicating that a trade of the newly-acquired Oliver Perez and Heath Bell for Padres setup man Scott Linebrink has fallen through. By the way, a big tip of...

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Duaner Sanchez Out For the Season, Nady Traded

In a stunning blow to the Mets' chances, WFAN, MetsBlog and other sources are reporting that Duaner Sanchez is out for the season after being injured in a taxi last night in Miami. As a result of this development, it's being reported (although still unconfirmed) that Xavier Nady has been...

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A Hat Tip to The "Experts"

It's a shame the Mets had to sweep the Braves in Atlanta on the weekend before the trade deadline. Then again, there are quite a few pundits out there that are probably grateful that the hype has distracted baseball fans from paying much attention to just badly their predictions have...

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July 30, 2006

The Braves' Posturing Is Just Swept Away

Mets 10 - Braves 6 Be careful what you wish for. The Braves went into this 3-game set at Turner Field looking for a sweep, but found themselves on the wrong end of things when Jose Valentin slapped the tag on Willy Aybar for the final out of this afternoon's...

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Change Is Good, The Braves Aren't

According to Paul Lo Duca, the Mets have come to Atlanta not to praise the Braves, but to bury them. As far as the National League east goes, we can call this weekend mission accomplished. In regards to the wild card, even if Tom Glavine manages to come out of...

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July 29, 2006

Mets Dominate Braves Behind El Duque and Beltran

Mets 11 - Braves 3 Just in case the Atlanta Braves didn't get the message last night, the Mets repeated it loud and clear this afternoon: you're playing for the wildcard, Sparky. Orlando Hernandez absolutely dominated the Atlanta lineup, overcoming defensive lapses by the left side of his infield to...

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We Ain't Afraid Of No Ted

While I savor writing my recap of today's game, please enjoy this classic visual aid from April, demonstrating how your 2006 New York Mets feel about that alleged "House of Horrors", Turner Field:...

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Mets Shut Up Braves

Mets 6 - Braves 4 The Braves might finally be on the verge of realizing that all of their old tricks and head games aren't working this year, and they will turn their attention to a very mediocre National League wild card race in which they still have a chance....

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Life Is Good

I've had plans for this evening for a while to go out with my brother and a couple of really good old friends. When I made the plans, it didn't occur to me the Mets would be playing the Braves tonight, much less Pedro pitching his first game in a...

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July 28, 2006

Because You Just Can't Get Enough of These Trade Rumors

Mark Healey from Gotham Baseball is likely to be very busy over the weekend updating GB's Rumor Mill with the latest info. Today Mark discusses the possibility of Duaner Sanchez moving in a Zito deal, and quotes some sources in regards to Rick Peterson's effect on Zito re-signing here if...

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Big Weekend in Atlanta

So the Braves are talking tough and I'm supposed to get all fired up about it? I think I'll pass on that one. It's funny how the Braves still think they can get in the Mets head despite their lack of success in that regard this year. Undoubtedly, the Braves...

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July 27, 2006

Omar on WFAN

Some of the other guys, such as such as MetsBlog and Hot Foot, have already weighed in on Omar Minaya's long interview on WFAN this afternoon. I had a chance to listen to the archived version on the web site when I returned back from a couple of afternoon appointments...

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In the 1983 season, the Mets finished last in the National League east with a 68-94 record. It was the seventh consecutive brutal season in Queens. Fans and local sportswriters were calling for the head of GM Frank Cashen, who was hired in 1980 by the Mets new ownership with...

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July 26, 2006

John Maine Wants To Stay

Mets 1 - Cubs 0 (10) After two days of watching Steve Trachsel and Tom Glavine squander run support, the Mets handed the ball to rookie John Maine today. The young right-hander matched zeroes with the Cubs Mark Prior all afternoon, and despite failing to come away with the...

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Off The Deep End

In something that I'm sure will become much more common over the next few days before the deadline, SI.com's John Heyman holds a gun to Omar's head and tells him that he must trade every chip he has to acquire the Marlin's Dontrelle Willis. Heyman's deal starts with Lastings Milledge,...

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July 25, 2006

Think I'll Pass...

Cubs 8 - Mets 6 Tonight I had to work late at the paying job. I made it home in time to watch another ninth inning "close but no cigar" moment and as much of the post-game show as I could stomach. My standard operating procedure on days like this...

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Selling Steve

I know I'm not the only Mets fan who finds it harder and harder to watch Steve Trachsel pitch games for the New York Metropolitans. Last night, in the privacy of my living room I let loose with a few dozen well-chosen words that I will not reproduce here. When...

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July 24, 2006

Trachsel Lays an Egg

Cubs 8 - Mets 7 Steve Trachsel retired the first 2 batters he faced this evening. It was not a sign of what was to come. A homer, a walk, and a pair of doubles later, Trachsel had allowed the weak-hitting, Derek Lee-less Cubs to jump out to a big...

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There has been a lot of speculation that Billy Beane might be willing to deal his ace left-hander, despite the fact that Oakland is battling for a playoff birth. I was informed yesterday that there was a rumor that Beane might be willing to deal Barry Zito one-to-one for Lastings...

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July 23, 2006

Lethargic Play Costs Mets a Chance to Sweep

Astros 8 - Mets 4 For a few innings this afternoon, it looked like the Mets might be able to sweep their first 3 game series at home this season. Carlos Delgado had unloaded on Roy Oswalt for a 3-run homer, and Mike Pelfrey retired the first 7 batters that...

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

The title of this post was one of my grandmother's favorite expressions. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with it, but for those that aren't it involves finding fault with someone else for something that applies equally to yourself. It's a fairly common thing, as often it is...

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July 22, 2006

The Two Orlandos

Mets 4 - Astros 3 As my friend my friend Shari from Take the "7" Train points out, there are two El Duques -- one that is very good, and one that is very bad -- and you're never sure which one you're going to get for any given game....

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Numbers Aren't Everything

I've mentioned previously that I've become somewhat of a fan of statistical analysis of baseball. I have to qualify it with the word "somewhat" because I can't endorse the "numbers only" approach that so many of these guys insist on taking. For every insightful article that proved to me how...

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July 21, 2006

John Maine Gives the Bullpen a Night Off

Mets 7 - Astros 0 John Maine pitched a pretty good game last time out against the Marlins, but was done in by 3 solo home runs and a lack of offensive support. Tonight he threw a gem at the Astros, and Jose Valentin gave him all the support he...

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Jose Valentin Gets Some Well-Deserved Love

Remember early in the year when most of us felt that Jose Valentin was washed up? We waited for the Mets to tire of his strikeouts and send him quietly packing, but instead he found his stroke and played Kaz Matsui out of town. Appearing mostly as a pinch-hitter, Valentin...

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July 20, 2006

Clutch Defense and Bullpen Help Mets to Series Victory

Mets 4 - Reds 2 (10) You'll have to excuse Jose Valentin if he seems to think the New York Mets already have a pretty good second baseman for 2006. Personally, I'm not inclined to disagree with him. Valentin contributed two terrific defensive plays as the Mets sidestepped disaster for...

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Terrific Win Today

Sorry I didn't post earlier. I was feeling under the weather this morning and decided with the early game to just skip it today. I wasn't able to watch today's game in its entirety, but I kept tabs on it as the Mets seemed to dodge one bullet after another...

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It Should Have Kept Raining

Reds 7 - Mets 4 Please forgive the brief recap here, but thanks to a 2+ hour rain delay and some listless play by the Mets when play resumed, I'm shot. Those of you that decided to go to bed and not wait out the delay made the correct decision,...

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July 19, 2006

Keppinger Traded, New Stadium Clears IRS Hurdle

In a move that's been rumored for a couple of days, the Mets and Royals have swapped minor-league infielders. According to the AP: The Kansas City Royals sent Ruben Gotay to the New York Mets for Jeff Keppinger in a swap of minor league infielders Wednesday. Gotay will be assigned...

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Can Pelfrey Be The Mets' Answer?

With the news that any team that is willing to part with a starting pitcher will demand your firstborn and your cojones in return, it's almost frightening to contemplate what the Mets might need to give up to bring in a pitcher with an ERA of 5 or 6. Enter...

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July 18, 2006

Beltran and Pelfrey Lead Mets Past Reds

Mets 8 - Reds 3 Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph were hoping that Mike Pelfrey would take a step forward in his second major-league start. They were not disappointed. Displaying much better control and a sinker with good movement that had the Reds beating a lot of balls into the...

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Payrolls Out Of Balance

A couple of days ago I explained my feelings on what the Mets should be doing at the trading deadline. Specifically I was mentioning why I would be leery of taking on a big salary like Bobby Abreu's to bolster an offense that was already strong. I felt like the...

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July 17, 2006

Revisiting September of 2004

As the Mets came back from the dead with a historic inning to win yesterday's game against the Chicago Cubs, I couldn't help thinking back to the end of the Art Howe era and what has happened to the two clubs in the interim. The Cubs rolled into New York...

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Mets Open Up a Can of Whoop-Ass at Wrigley

Mets 13 - Cubs 7 The wind was blowing out at Wrigley field today. It took the Mets a while to find it, but once they did, they managed to ride that jet stream to their largest inning in franchise history en route to a come from behind win and...

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July 16, 2006

It's How You Spend It

I have not received universal agreement with my stance that Bobby Abreu and Julio Lugo were unnecessary luxuries for the Mets, not that I expected I would. While I have no problem with those who disagree with me, I'd like to spend a moment explaining myself in more detail. Lugo...

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Glavine Takes a Loss, the Bullpen Takes a Beating

Cubs 9 - Mets 2 It took the Mets until the sixth inning before they got their first hit and scored a pair of runs off Carlos Zambrano. Unfortunately, it only took Tom Glavine and the bullpen another half inning to give the lead and ultimately the game away. For...

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July 15, 2006

I Respect Pitchers Who Throw Strikes

Does Steve Trachsel deserve more respect than he generally receives from us? Adam Rubin opines that Steve Trachsel may be stepping up and proving that he is the Mets' best option for a third starter. While that would seem a little far-fetched, if Trachsel can continue to be as aggressive...

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Mets Return To Winning Ways after Break

Mets 6 - Cubs 3 That the Mets won a game that Steve Trachsel pitched is nothing new. Today's victory stretched Trachsel's personal winning streak to seven in a row. What was different from most of the other six was that Trachsel overcame an extremely rough first inning to actually...

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July 14, 2006

The Trade Deadline Approaches, Rumors Fly

As the Mets gear up to get back into action this afternoon in Chicago, the rumor mill is firing up, also. With just over 2 weeks left to go until the trading deadline, don't expect that to cool off anytime before then. Let's take a look at some of the...

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July 13, 2006

The Best Way to Shea?

As we wait for this interlude from baseball to end tomorrow afternoon in Chicago, I wonder if some of you have some good advice to share with other Mets fans. I received an e-mail today from Evan. After noting that stadium parking was getting tougher, Evan wondered if I knew...

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July 12, 2006

Dumb Stuff from the All-Star Game

In a story by Sam Borden and Adam Rubin in today's New York Post, we learn that Bud Selig is considering a rule that would prohibit pitchers selected for the All-Star game from pitching the game right before the break, the idea being to avoid a situation where Tom Glavine...

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July 11, 2006

No Sarcastic Title Today...

Well, it was quite an eventful day here yesterday. I wrote something with a title that I felt fairly confident would come across as obvious sarcasm to my readers. That indeed was the case with those of you who are regular visitors. What I didn't take into account was that...

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July 10, 2006

It's Time to Fire Omar Minaya

Note: please actually read this before leaving a comment. For those of you that don't get sarcasm, thanks for stopping by. Something has been nagging me lately as I read all the reports in the papers about Omar's willingness to give up top prospects in the right deal. As much...

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Mets Salvage Split With Marlins Thanks To Wright

Mets 7 - Marlins 6 The general malaise that has afflicted the Mets for the past 3 weeks reared it's ugly head one last time before the All-Star break, but the Mets were able to ride a clutch David Wright blast for a comeback win that sends them into the...

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July 9, 2006

Nice Win, But...

I was so frustrated with the way the Mets were playing when they fell behind 5-3 that I was motivated to do something that I never do -- I started writing the following piece about my frustration. David Wright's home run took away some of the frustration, obviously, but I...

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Valentin's Huge Game Helps Mets to Doubleheader Split with Fish

Marlins 3 - Mets 2 (Game 1) Mets 17 - Marlins 3 (Game 2) After going down meekly to the Marlins in game one of yesterday's doubleheader, an exchange of bean balls with the Marlins towards the end of that game finally woke up the Mets offense, as they cruised...

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July 8, 2006

Put Lima in the Rearview and Look Ahead

Lima time seems to have finally ticked away for the 2006 Mets, and we fans are battered but still intact after surviving the experience. Lima may very well be the worst pitcher to ever start 4 games for the Mets; certainly he is right down there near the bottom of...

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July 7, 2006

The Clock Strikes Midnight for Jose Lima

Marlins 7 - Mets 3 It would seem that Jose Lima has sealed his fate with the Mets after failing to get an out in the fourth inning and surrendering all 7 of Florida's runs tonight. Giving up a grand slam home run to the opposing pitcher -- even an...

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A Look at the Future This Weekend?

If nothing else, the Mets decision to call up Mike Pelfrey to pitch one of the games against the Marlins at Shea tomorrow has generated a level and buzz and excitement far beyond what reaching down to the system for an emergency starter should generate. Certainly, there is a much...

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July 6, 2006

Trachsel Pitches Mets to Third Straight over Pittsburgh

Mets 7 - Pirates 5 Before we get into tonight's game, let me tell you that the rumor that Eli Marrero will be the starting centerfielder in the All-Star game is absolutely false. On a more serious note, as I'm sure that most are already aware, it will be fireballer...

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Adam Rubin's Blog: Pedro to DL, Pelfrey Saturday

In his Surfing the Mets blog, Daily News Mets beat writer Adam Rubin is reporting that Pedro Martinez will indeed go on the Disabled List until after the All-Star break, and Heath Bell will come back north from Norfolk to take his spot. Rubin also says that the Mets plan...

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Win Now vs. Win Soon

Some clarification is in order for what I wrote yesterday. When I questioned whether the Mets are a "win now" team, it doesn't mean I think that they're not built to win soon. I understand that Pedro and Glavine aren't getting any younger, and that Carlos Delgado is not a...

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July 5, 2006

Mets Ride One Big Inning and El Duque to Fiftieth Win

Mets 5 - Pirates 0 If you missed this game live and are going to watch the replay, may I suggest that any time the Mets come to bat after the first inning will be an ideal time for a bathroom break or a snack. After jumping on Kip Wells...

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"Do Something" Is Not a Roadmap for Organizational Success

On Monday, Buster Olney opined in his ESPN Insider "blog" that the Mets needed to get a starting pitcher. (Wow, I think your Pulitzer is in the mail, buddy.) After suggesting that the Mets need to look at Mike Pelfrey before the trading deadline, Olney says if the kid doesn't...

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July 4, 2006

Newsday: Pelfrey May Debut Friday Night

For those of you who, like me, are scared sh*tless by the thought of Jose Lima starting another game for the Mets, Anthony Rieber and Ken Davidoff are reporting in tomorrow's Newsday that the Mets are mulling over calling up Mike Pelfrey for Friday night's start. As always, it's that...

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A Return to Lima Time Is a Cruel Joke

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Jose Lima. For all of his posturing and mediocre to bad pitching, I thought he was a gamer who would give you all he had. The problem is that he doesn't have anything any more. He hasn't been pitching well...

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The X-man and Chavez Help Mets Pull One Out

Mets 7 - Pirates 6 If you were watching this game going into the bottom of the eighth and had really strong hopes that Mets were going to come back and win it, you're a far more optimistic Mets fan than I am. That one was for you, Louise. Tom...

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Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Uglier...

Pirates 11 - Mets 1 Please excuse my waiting so long to post on the game. I was so disgusted by the damn thing that I felt anything I wrote on it last night would fall in there somewhere between a whine and a rant. As Mets fans, we've been...

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July 3, 2006

For Mike Pelfrey, Next Stop Shea?

In the Daily News, Adam Rubin is reporting that Mike Pelfrey might be pitching for the big club this weekend. With the uncertainties about when Pedro might pitch again, and the doubleheader Saturday, the tall right-hander could very well be Queens bound. According to Rubin: An MLB staffer said the...

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Midterm Grades -- New York Mets Pitchers

We conclude our assessment of the Mets at the halfway point with a look at the pitchers: Starters Tom Glavine I thought his days were numbered early last year when he looked like 300 wins was a fool's dream. By the end of the year he looked like a Cy...

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Midterm Grades -- New York Mets Position Players and Manager

Now we have survived the halfway point of the season, we'll take a minute to assess the performance of the team so far, beginning with position players: David Wright As someone who has followed this team for most of their existence, I have had few chances to root for home-grown...

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Soler Lays an Egg Big-time as Mets Fall Hard

Yankees 16 - Mets 7 On the day that I chose to point out how far Willie has come as a manager, he decides to prove how far he still has to go. He was dealt a very poor hand tonight, but make no mistake, he played it equally poorly....

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July 2, 2006

A Method to the Madness?

There is a nice feature on Willie Randolph by Mike Vaccaro in today's New York Post. Vaccaro does a good job of emphasizing Randolph's biggest strength as a manager -- convincing his team that they're winners. I think Willie is getting a lot better at handling his pitchers this year...

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Mets Spank Randy Johnson Again, Halting Slide

Mets 8 - Yankees 3 Facing a familiar foe, the Mets bats awoke with a vengeance, once again castrating the Big Eunuch en route to a convincing win. The win snapped the Mets 4 game losing streak, their longest of the season. They jumped quickly on Johnson, who has had...

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July 1, 2006

Dark Days

Yankees 2 - Mets 0 Orlando Hernandez gave the Mets all they could hope for last night and then some, surviving a one hour rain delay to pitch 7 very strong innings for the Mets in the subway series opener. It wasn't enough, however, as the Mets bats continued their...

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