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July 24, 2009

A Deep Breath Is In Order

A well-penned article by Ken Belson, with assists from Ben Shpigel and Tyler Kepner, in today's NY Times is must reading for all Mets fans. It is aptly entitled: "A Disquieting Silence Envelops the Floundering Mets." Things are not going well for the Mets and especially for the Wilpons. Lets...

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July 23, 2009

This Too Shall Pass

Thank heavens I'm only relegated to listening to the Washington National announcers for one more half inning. These two, Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble, are such unabashed homers, it's pathetic. They are so completely unprofessional, I'm embarrassed to listen to them. Awful doesn't come close -- it's appropriate that they...

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July 20, 2009

Zen and the Art of Being a Mets Fan in 2009

July's not even over yet, and the 2009 Mets have made it real hard for their fans to pay attention to the last two months of this disappointing season. Don't misunderstand - Mets fans have never become Mets fans because of any guarantee of success. The team across town has...

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Crying in Our Beers

As yours truly struggles to find the time to pick apart this ball club, I pass along this info from Greg Prince regarding tomorrow's "Amazin' Tuesday" get together: Date: Tuesday, July 21 Location: Two Boots Tavern, 384 Grand Street (@ Suffolk St.), 212-228-8685 Time: 7:00pm Admission: Free; also first drink...

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July 18, 2009

Dead Team Walking

Ok, I'm done drinking the Kool-Aid. I'm no longer buying what they're selling. I was a good little fan and I made it to the All Star break with the hope that come the second half of the season things could and would turn around. Of course this turnaround hinged...

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July 15, 2009

All-Star Reflections

There's a lot wrong with the world. Unemployment is rampant, up to 10% in my home state. Foreclosures are way up--people are losing their homes. Sitting outside a supermarket a few days, I listened to a man talking on a cell phone to his friend, talking about how he's lost...

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July 14, 2009

Mets at the Crossroads: Be It Ever So Humble

Note: This is the first of a series of articles on the current state of the Mets. David Wright has 5 home runs in 327 AB. Of course, only 2 Mets have hit more this season -- the disabled Carlos Beltran and 40-year-old Gary Sheffield. Among all the theories on...

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July 13, 2009

French Twist

Okay, we're going to try this again. My Mom is now settled in a convalescent home, but her finances are a mess. Things are still kind of nuts, but I figure if I'm ever going to get back to blogging this season it's pretty much now or never. I have...

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July 9, 2009

Watching the Train Wreck in Slow Motion

There's no doubt that I should not be unemployed. The effect on our household income is serious. Even more serious, though, is that I'm watching more Mets games on television. This too is having a devastating effect on my psyche. This team, with their mortifying collapses the last two years,...

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July 6, 2009

Gentlemen - This is a Baseball

To say that I'm disappointed would be an understatement. To say that I'm embarrassed, frustrated, and aggravated would also be an understatement. This team, this season, has me reeling. I no longer know what to think; because I am seeing things I never thought I would see in a baseball...

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