Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Everything Old is New Again

It was 15 years ago that I contracted Lyme Disease.  I wasn't able to work and was looking for something to do with my time.  I was a New York Mets fans who liked to read, and was disenchanted with the vast majority of coverage in all of the many local dailies that covered the team.  I found myself drawn to a relatively new phenomenon, the blogs published by fans of the team who were able to reach out across the internet and speak directly to other fans.
My first blog was on Google's Blogger platform. You can still find it here. I started posting there in August 2005 and posted through February 2006.  At that point I bought the domain name mikesmets.com and created a new blog using the Moveable Type platform.  That blog lasted for a few years until the circumstances of my life made it impossible to devote any time to it.  The blog lay fallow for many years, but I never took it down because I always felt a sense of pride and attachment to the blog, and I always hoped that I would have the time to get back to it.

The heyday of blogging has come and gone, though some great blogs have continued to this day.  I'm particularly pleased that one of the first blogs I found to read back in 2005 is still very much alive and kicking: Faith and Fear in Flushing, still being wonderfully written by my friend Greg Prince and his partner Jason Fry all these years later.  If the Mets had as much baseball talent over these past 15 years as the writing talent that exists on that blog we Mets fans would have had a few championships to celebrate.  Amazing Avenue is still also a worthwhile follow from that period.

Getting back to my old blog, financial considerations due to the whole global pandemic thing made paying for hosting a blog that hasn't been updated in almost a decade seem pretty silly. I decided to go back to the free Blogger platform which has actually come a long way in the last decade and a half.  I tried to regain my original blog from 2005 but the email with which I created the account is long gone and I don't have the password any more.  So I cancelled the vintage Moveable Type blog and pointed the domain name here.

I'm not sure if anyone who read the old blog will find their way here after all these many years, but if you do please drop me an email or comment if you'd prefer. I'd honestly love to hear from you. Also, I will be posting here regularly if you're inclined to come back.

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  1. Neat to see this pop up in my RSS reader. "Mike's Mets" isn't something I've seen or thought about in many years.
    Anyway, I'm only posting this comment to let you know that I did indeed see it. Hope everything is well.

    1. You too. Thanks so much for letting me know you stopped by. Stay well.


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