Thursday, March 26, 2020

One Door Closes

I'm taking baby steps right now with this blog.  On Monday I canceled my old blog hosting and did some research on what it would take to move the blog here.  Tuesday I set up the blog, spent quite a bit of time to get my domain name to point here, and made my first post.  I'm learning this platform and making some tweaks to stuff as I go along.  Frankly, if I knew that Blogger had become this good I would have made the change years ago.
Right now I'm committed to posting as close to daily as I can.  When the world gets back to normal I still want to keep this going, but the amount of time I can put into it will be dictated by how much time I need to put into work.  I was scrambling hard to make a living going into this crisis, and once the ability to work and make money comes back I will be certainly doing that.  I also have a couple of furry friends that get a long walk in the woods every day that the weather allows.

When I stopped writing on the blog those many years ago there were several reasons why it happened. My Mom had a series of strokes and required a lot of my time.  At the same time (and probably not coincidentally) a small business that I was making a living from was slipping away from me.  And I guess I had it in my head because I had run my blog a certain way that I had to keep doing it the same way.  I wish I had adjusted to what my life allowed as far as the time, but the fact that I was pretty down about the circumstances of my life made everything that much harder.

As time went by and the blog lay dormant both my Mom and my business passed on.  My life became a series of gigs and jobs that weren't all that rewarding financially or in personal satisfaction, but I was able to stay afloat and I will always appreciate that.  Despite the circumstances, I became less negative as a person rather than more, and I started trying to enjoy the journey of my life and not focus on what I couldn't control.  I know, it sounds like some new age platitude, but it worked for me.

I still get frustrated every day with my own shortcomings, but I'm a better person than I was when this all started and I'm more comfortable with myself.  Although I clearly see the obstacles in my life I try to look for opportunities, too.

When the Corona virus took away my job it wasn't a happy day.  Yet in a roundabout way, it brought me back to the point where I'm sitting here writing again, realizing how much I missed writing and how much I want to keep it a part of my life going forward no matter what else happens.  I'll figure out a way to keep it going in however much time I have left to do it.

Until there is real baseball again I will be writing about the Mets when there is something to say about them and writing about other aspects of life when there's not.  But writing I will do.  Thanks for stopping by.

I'm not sure if anyone who read the old blog will find their way here after all these many years, but if you do please drop me an email or comment if you'd prefer. I'd honestly love to hear from you. Also, I will be posting here regularly if you're inclined to come back.

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  2. I would be honored to be a baseball draft writer on your site.

  3. Sorry I didn't answer this sooner, Mack. I didn't have a chance to look at the blog earlier today. You're very welcome to contribute to this site at any time. It would be my honor. You might want to wait until I keep this going for a while and see if I can build up the readership a little. Right now I seem to be getting about 20 - 30 visitors a day, and most of those are probably bots and not real people. I'm going to keep plugging and hope some of the readership comes back with time, although I doubt I'll ever see what I had here back in the day.

    1. Hey... I took 2 breaks changing web addresses and came back slowly. We will what we can to help with John's Breakfast Link page.

      I can also help with contest.

      I await your invite in.


  4. If you have anything you want to post here just let me know. I'd probably give it a couple of weeks and see if we can start getting a little traffic back, but that's up to you.

    As for me, I don't mind so much that hardly anyone is reading right now. I haven't been doing much writing and I'm pretty rusty. Writing every day is good for me even if I'm mostly just writing to myself 😀


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