Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I made several attempts at writing something today, but I had some ongoing sciatica issues turn extremely ugly. I'm on three different medications and they've only managed to slow the pain down, not stop it completely. I hope to feel better enough tomorrow to write once the meds have more time to work.

It looks like from the reading I was able to do today that MLB is taking a slow approach with these negotiations, starting with just some general discussion on the protocols they will implement to keep the players and everyone associated with them safe. That certainly is an important starting point, but if the goal is to start in July they'll need to get down to specifics soon. If we proceed at this pace much longer it feels like the goal might be a later start.

In the New York Post, Joel Sherman takes a look at some of the safety protocols MLB is proposing. Spitting and high fives will not be allowed. He also referred to the early July start up as "baseball's most aggressive hope". Sounds like he's a little skeptical of that date, too.

I hope they reconsider the plan for a 3 week spring training if they do come to an agreement. I'd be worried about pitchers ramping it up that quickly. It's been a couple of months since spring training was shut down and even if pitchers are throwing on their own - which they should be doing - that's not the same as pitching against real batters in a game setting.

I'm going to skip back into my medicated stupor now. Stay well, stay safe. We'll see you tomorrow.

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