Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Good Start

Jeff Passan from ESPN is now reporting that MLB is going to offer players a return to work proposal to the players "within a week." The proposed June resumption of spring training and July 1 start date are what were discussed in yesterday's stories.

The usual well-worn caveats from all previous reporting on this subject still apply, with Passan citing unnamed "industry leaders" that the dates are too optimistic. And there is still a matter of essentially asking players to risk health and possibly lives while likely taking a pay cut to play. Of course, as those of us who are out of work understand only too well, some money > no money.

Look, even if the dates are indeed too optimistic, setting a start date forces MLB to start negotiating with players and coming up with actual, firm plans to keep everybody safe. I know that there is a chunk of the public that believes that the folks in danger of coronavirus are doddering old geezers keeling over from their walkers, but that's not quite true. While old people with other health problems are most likely to roll snake eyes in an encounter with Coronavirus, data from the CDC shows that all age groups are affected.

If MLB starts up, there's a chance that some players could get quite sick and possibly die. Others might have worries about family members that have conditions that make them more vulnerable from a case of COVID-19. It's the same risk that all of us are going to be facing when we get an opportunity to return to work without vaccinations or herd immunity.

Planning to play with firm dates in mind is a good first step to resumption of baseball. It's time to start making tangible plans and trying to overcome the formidable obstacles that stand in the way. There's very little in any return to normalcy for our country that's going to be easy. It's good to see baseball taking their first steps back.

I'll be back later today with a new post. Take care.

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