Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Pardon the Interruption

Just a quick update for you regular readers of this site. I found out yesterday that I will need not one but two operations this year — one on my back and one on my neck. I had an operation on a disk in my back last year, so this is becoming somewhat of a regular thing, unfortunately.

The worst part for me is that my doctor wants to do the operations separately: first the neck, then after I recover, the back. Given that each operation requires 3 months of recovery time, that's 6 months out of my life that I'll be giving up.

I'm trying to talk the doctor into doing both operations at once. He's concerned that I'll be on the table for a long time to do both, and the recovery will be tougher. I'd rather deal with that than having another operation looming while I'm recovering from the first.

I tried to write today, but I'm just not in the correct frame of mind to do it. We'll take a stab at it again tomorrow. I guess the good news for the blog in all of this is that I'll have plenty of time for writing coming up. Thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate the small but loyal following I have on this blog. Writing is more fun when you're writing for others to read. You guys make it worthwhile.

Now I have to explain to my two pups that their official dog walker will be out of service for a while...

...sorry, guys. Hopefully, we'll be walking again before the summer is over.

Please be well and take care.

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  1. Mike,

    Sorry to hear the news about the operations. Hope all works out.

  2. best of luck with the surgery. listen to your doctors and physical therapists and keep plugging away; it can be a slow, hard slog, but eventually you'll get there. and think of all the exciting Mets seasons you have to look forward to!


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